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With that in mind, it`s best to cancel your Vivint contract several weeks before it expires, especially if you don`t plan to continue using their services. In addition, it is recommended that you call the company to confirm that your NOTICE has been received or that the contract has been terminated. The contracts of the vivint Home Security Company have a duration of 42 to 60 months. The average for most home security system companies is about 36 months. This can be difficult, but you can withdraw from a Vivint contract. Vivint Security will review your situation and allow you to exit your security system contract free of charge in the event of extenuating circumstances. Vivint offers examples of extenuating circumstances: if you pay for your Vivint equipment in advance, you won`t have to worry about a contract. Just like other reputable home security and surveillance companies, Vivint requires users to enter into a long-term contract to benefit from its services. Vivint offers two main plans: Smart Home Service and Smart Security Service, which require a 3.5-5 year contract if you decide to finance the purchase of your device. Yes, Vivint allows you to take your security system with you when you move. If you have been a Vivint customer for a year and you sign a new contract when you move, the company waives the moving costs. If you choose to keep your current contract or if you have been a customer for less than a year, the company will charge you a reinstallation fee of $99.

Yes, you can transfer your contract to a new person for a $99 transfer fee. This fee is waived if that person decides to sign a brand new contract with Vivint. Transferring your contract is a good idea if you still have a lot of time before your contract ends. Well, that doesn`t mean you should write off Vivint and walk away with a home security system without a deal. It`s an option, but we think it`s what the child throws out with the bathwater. There are so many things to love about Vivint, especially if you are a homeowner and plan to stay in your home for a few years. We recently contacted a vivint representative and equipped ourselves with a smart home security system (Vivint turned out to be one of our favorites!). Of course, we first thought about the contract with a fine comb before signing our lives. Life or death – Another way to get out of your Vivint contract is when you die. We know it sounds rude, and it`s a bit ridiculous that Vivint even has to write this in the contract. But the truth is that many debts are transferred to the estate of the deceased; but Vivint doesn`t. Luckily, your loved ones have one less thing to worry about when you arrive.

Rest assured that they can cancel your Vivint contract without any problems. Love it or hate it, some home security companies want you to sign on the dotted line before enjoying their equipment and service. We`ve seen it from big brands like Frontpoint, and even today, ADT and Vivint need contracts to get started. Well, “demanding” isn`t exactly the word, but we`ll get there. We`ll be honest, when you get involved in a Vivint contract, expect to be on the hook for at least a few years. The duration of your contract is between 42 and 60 months – and if you calculate, it`s three and a half to 5 years. These terms are similar to those of ADT, making Vivint one of the longest contracts in the industry. Curious about Vivint`s contracts? We`ve read the fine print so you don`t have to. From the duration of the contract to the cancellation policy to other important issues – everything is fine here.

Yes, but it only takes three days! While most companies offer 30- or even 60-day trials, you only have three days to test a Vivint system and see if it`s right for you. If you do not cancel within this period, you will automatically be bound by a paid contract. Vivint contracts are among the longest in the industry, have a duration of 42 to 60 months and are automatically renewed until you cancel. The truth is that there is a lot of scuttling about Vivint`s rigor with their contracts. But we actually found guidelines in the fine print that helped us get the most out of ourselves. Ultimately, Vivint`s contracts aren`t that bad – although we have a few caveats to consider. Without further ado, let`s give it a try. If you want to buy a smart security system for your home or office, it`s always a great idea to check the supplier`s contractual terms before making your decision. For example, while Vivint offers users excellent security services for the smart home, they can be notoriously picky when it comes to the terms of their contracts. 1. Call us! We will confirm if the system is currently active and guide you through other devices in the house. 800-598-5228- Press 1 for new accounts.

2. We will then arrange a call between you and an activation specialist to make sure your system is up to date and working properly, over the phone. 3. Be sure to ask for any additional appliances you may want to include in your home. 4. Enjoy your new Vivint system without a contract at a fixed monthly price! To terminate your contract, you can either send a written declaration of withdrawal to the company by post, e-mail or fax. Make sure you do this at least 30 days before the scheduled cancellation date. Enter the following information in your cancellation notice: Pro tip: Do you need to unsubscribe from a Vivint contract? Just sign up for the army! Tell us with a wink, but Vivint has “outings” for active members of the service. We share everything about this and other important contractual considerations in this guide. (PS – we support our troops, but there are easier ways to get out of your Vivint contract than to enlist in the army).

If you wish to withdraw from your Vivint contract halfway, you must send, fax or send a written Cancellation Notice (NOC) by e-mail at least 30 days before the cancellation date you choose. Your NOTICE must include your service number, date, intent to terminate and signature. Later in this article, we`ll cover everything you need to know about Vivint contracts, their cost, and how to cancel a Vivint contract if you decide to change or change your home security service provider. You can send your CNP to using the email address associated with your Vivint account. Ask a loyalty agent to confirm that they have received the cancellation of your email, as they are known to ignore it. For some people, contracts are not a big deal, in which case we recommend opting for Vivint`s zero-interest financing. For others, treaties like the plague should be avoided. We are somewhere in the middle. We prefer to go from month to month, but we also see Vivint`s contracts as a tool if you don`t have the money for a complete smart home system. In any case, you have options. Yes, Vivint will refund you a pro-rated refund if you have a prepaid account after deduction of cancellation fees and charges.

Otherwise, you will have to pay the contract in full to cancel it. Just note that the following “contract cancellers” need to be reviewed by Vivint`s exception review team. It`s not that easy to call and say, “You`re fine.” The Company will process any cancellation request on a case-by-case basis. Even if you pay back your equipment earlier, you are bound to the contract until the end of the period. Fiasco. Moving to a retirement home – You can also terminate your Vivint contract with impunity if you move to a retirement home or retirement home. After all, if it is a half-decent facility, they will already have a security system. We are glad that Vivint has included this clause in the contract, as the decision to move to a retirement home is often not in your hands. If you`re a mature adult, learn more about our top-notch home security systems for seniors here. .

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